Slide CTB-200 CTB-350 CTB-500 BOILERS

Boiler Product Specs

Clean Burn Models:

CB-200-CTB | CB-350-CTB | CB-500-CTB

Clean Burn offers the industry’s only coil tube boilers engineered from the ground up to burn used oils. They efficiently recycle used oils as a free fuel source to generate hot water, and are remarkably versatile for a wide range of applications, such as car wash facilities, baseboard heating, space heating, in-floor heating and ice melt applications.

Only Clean Burn offers three sizes of used-oil coil tube boilers, each UL listed for use in central heating systems. These can be used in combination to create a boiler system perfectly sized for any facility.

    • UL listed, ASME tested and approved
    • Unique, multi-pass, high efficiency coil tube design provides outstanding heat transfer and hot water output while minimizing size and weight
    • Low-mass water design provides quick start-up and reduces stack heat loss
    • Applications include hot water for car wash, in-floor heating systems, hot water heating systems, baseboard heating systems, snow and ice melting systems
    • Unequaled service and support through DSi Recycling Systems, Inc.
    • Patented burner engineered exclusively for used-oil combustion
    • Engineered to function separately or in series for larger systems
    • Stackable design for maximum installation flexibility