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Used oil heating systems are specialized products, substantially different from conventional heating units. Our experience has taught us that using an outside contractor generally leads to additional problems due to inexperience with our equipment. DSI Recycling Systems believes in providing quality service and support for all of our customers and only uses factory trained service technicians who know the equipment inside and out. Our service professionals arrive with a fully stocked service vehicle with all the parts you need, preventing unnecessary return trips and down time.

Before sending out a service technician, DSI’s extensive phone support can many times solve a problem on the spot.  If a part is involved in the solution, it can in most case be sent out that day. DSI warehouses a complete inventory of parts and furnaces for every eventuallity. Expert support is available at 1-800-824-4115.

Timing for service is always a challenge. Many customers call as the first cold weather hits, all wanting immediate service. DSI offers off-season discounts for burner tune-ups and general maintenance which keeps our trained technicians busy year round and also alleviates service bottlenecks in the fall. Get your preseason maintenance and service done in the summer and you’ll not only be ready for the cold weather, but you’ll also save money.

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