Slide CB-140 CB-1750 CB-2500 CB-3250 FURNACES LOW PROFILE

Furnace Product Specs

Clean Burn Models:

CB-140 | CB-1750 | CB-2500 | CB-3250

The Clean Burn Models CB- 140, CB-1750, CB-2500 and CB-3250 are the world’s most popular used-oil furnaces because of the outstanding value they deliver. They are engineered for easy installation, even heat distribution, easy maintenance and longer service life. The low profile is ideal for limited ceiling heights, and the range of installation options is unsurpassed. The multiple hot air discharge options can be installed to direct the heat precisely where it is needed.  The chimney can be installed on either side depending on which is more convenient. The chimney outlets fit on either side so that the finished installation works perfectly for your facility. Put it all together and you have a custom installation designed specifically for your facility.installation.

  •  Engineered from the ground up to burn used oils
  • Local in-house after sale support and service
  • Patented heat exchanger leads to higher heat output
  • Much easier cleaning and serviceability
  • Full 10 year Heat Exchanger Warranty – Best in the industry by far!
  • Pump priming switches make priming safer and easier
  • Intermittent ignition means longer component life spans
  • Can burn synthetic used oils
  • Automatic flow control means no fuel adjustment required
  • 15 to 20 year service life